Frank Cockerill – The Attractions of Minnesota

Frank Cockerill is a welcome resident of Rochester, Minnesota. He is a microbiologist and pathologist, and recently he was a key note speaker at the ground breaking for a large addition to the Superior Drive Support Building in Rochester for Mayo Medical Laboratories. He loves calling Minnesota home, as it caters to all of his needs, and he reveals to us what he believes are must-visit places for travelers to Minnesota.

Frank Cockerill

Frank Cockerill

It may sound cliché, but Frank Cockerill recommends the Mall of America near the top of his list of attractions in Minnesota. This impressive mall boasts a theme park, an aquarium, and a Lego Land. Visitors are sure to find anything they could possibly need to shop for. Next, Frank Cockerill suggests that a traveler to Minnesota check out the Boundaries Waters Canoe Area. Minnesota is known at the Land of Ten ThousandThousand Lakes, and this area greatly contributes to that moniker. It is home to many scenic views and canoeing opportunities. Another attraction that visitors to Minnesota must check out is Spirit Mountain, especially during the wintertime. This mountain offers the best skiing and snowboarding runs in the state, and is sure to leave skiers of all skill levels satisfied. For lovers of the outdoors and beautiful sights in nature, there is Minnehaha Falls. This attraction is an ideal location for people wishing to enjoy a relaxing picnic. The waterfall is a famous source of inspiration for poets and businessmen alike in the surrounding area. Keeping in line with the theme of nature, Itasca State Park is another of Minnesota’s gems. It contains over 100 lakes within its 32,000 acres.

Frank Cockerill is very happy that he has been able to call Minnesota home for so long, and he highly encourages people to come visit his state!



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