Frank Cockerill – The Responsibilities of a Doctor

Frank Cockerill is a distinguished microbiologist. He currently sits or has recently sat on the board of a number of respected associations including the American Clinical Laboratory Association, Board of Scientific Counselors for the Centers for Disease Control, and Association for Molecular Pathology. His personal hobbies include playing piano, running in marathons, gardening, farming, medical missionary work, , and reading about world history. As is evidenced by his medical missionary work in Haiti, he acknowledges his special responsibility as a doctor.

Frank Cockerill

Frank Cockerill

Frank Cockerill is Board-certified in Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases, and Clinical Microbiology. As a doctor, he is able to make a considerable impact for good in his community and around the world, and accepts this responsibility as he greatly desires to make as big an impact as he can. He has personally seen catastrophes tear through whole communities; he has also seen how a lack of an efficient medical system can make the effects of catastrophes much worse. In Haiti, his efforts did helped many people suffering from curable infectious diseases like malaria or simple staph skin infections.

Besides his volunteer efforts, Frank Cockerill is an exceptional talent in his professional sphere. As he has demonstrated in the past, he is capable of leading and evolving a major clinical testing laboratory, being the chair of an academic department, and facilitating innovation in the area of diagnostic testing for a company. He is very grateful for the opportunities that his career has created to make a difference in his community and in the world at large.


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