Frank Cockerill: The Mayo Graduate School

Frank Cockerill has enjoyed a long association with the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. He first came to that institution in 1978 to do his Residency in Internal Medicine at its Graduate School of Medicine. After completing his Residency in 1980, he continued at the Mayo Grad School with a Fellowship in Infectious Diseases, from 1981 to 1982.

As he knows, there are many advantages to studying at the Mayo Graduate School of Medicine. Residents or Fellows get hands-on training and mentoring directly from the Mayo Clinic faculty, many of whom, like Frank Cockerill, were once grad students there themselves and have gone on to become leaders in their fields. Students receive a comprehensive clinical experience, evaluating and treating patients with the full range of diseases in their fields.

Mayo Clinic trainees are also provided with unparalleled clinical and research resources. The Mayo Clinic has records from more than six million patients stored in its computer databases, enabling students to conduct studies of high statistical significance.

Frank Cockerill

Frank Cockerill

At the Mayo Clinic, the needs of the patient always come first, and students there are able to take part in a longstanding tradition of providing services to the community, or to volunteer with underserved segments of society that are within one of the Mayo campus communities. As Frank Cockerill can attest, these experiences give students an understanding of the health care environment and effective practice management strategies.

Most of the Mayo Clinic training programs are rated above the national average. Thanks in part to his experiences there, Frank Cockerill developed into a Clinical Microbiologist with an international reputation.


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